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Hello! This page is just gonna be a bunch of info to clear things up or answer common questions. I'll be updating it frequently.

"When will my stickers arrive?"

It depends on if it was a preorder or not. If they were on preorder then it can take from 3-5 weeks depending on production times of my printer. I do my best to update people on my Instagram ( on how things are going.

"Can my stickers be used outside?"

Yes! Most of the stickers I sell are UV resistant and will last outside, as long as the conditions aren't too extreme and are applied properly. Please be aware that some special holographic finishes aren't as resistant as gloss or matte.

"Will you be restocking ______?"

I always do my best to bring back old favorites although I usually try and redo them to bring them up to new "specs". You can always comment on old Instagram posts and ask!

"I messed up my address! Can I change it??"

If the stickers have not already been sent out then yes! Just be sure to email me at [email protected] asap if you notice you messed up. If the stickers have been sent out then there's not much I can do. If you ordered a sticker under a wrong address then i'm sorry but I cannot offer refunds so please DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS ON CHECKOUT. If stickers are returned back to me due to it not being able to be delivered then I will email you and hopefully I can get them to you. If you have any questions on shipping, please email me.

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